Waking up from the warm weather, Antonio yawns up, pushes his body away from the bed’s comfort immediately and did his morning rituals. Thinking that he will spend another day with his plants excites him and speed up his movements a bit more. After rushing his morning rituals he went outside and walks up just across his house to his plants. “Buenos días mis tomates” sang Antonio to the tomatoes as he leans down to it. After checking the tomatoes he stood up, looked around his surroundings and noticed a shadow near his orange tree. Thinking it was a bit odd for the some kids was this early to pick some of his oranges he started to walked up to the tree. As he was getting near he noticed that the shadow appears leaning at the tree, he jogged his way to it and saw a rather worn out looking person. Antonio examines the person and notices that the person looked a bit younger than him and looked like he is in pain. He stoop down to the person and pokes his cheeks waking him up “Hey…”

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