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The sun is already at its lowest point as the room is being engulfed by darkness. A silhouette of a man sitting on the floor can be seen. In front of him is a simple chair. The man has been on the floor for quite sometime, shaking a little, glancing up every now and then. As if he’s trying to remember something, trying to know what happened earlier the day.

Antonio sank down where he’s been sitting, his fingers laced tightly together as his forehead rests on it. He’s still trembling, still anxious and restless. He knows he had done something terrible, something that would scare anyone, something frightening to ‘him’. He peaked through his fingers, again and looks up to the sight of Romano sitting unconsciously. His hands are behind him; bound up to the chair, not so tight but firmly knotted so it won’t come loose. However who would let things go the same way, let the annoying and upsetting cycle repeat. No one would

The Spaniard scooted closer to rest his head on the Italian’s lap then hugs his legs, waiting for the Italian to stir up. He did not expect it to end up like this, no one did and no one will. He continues to tremble nervously as time goes by. The ticking of the clock didn’t help him calm down, either as every small sound it produce seems to be a loud banging for Antonio. How time seems to cruelly run so slow almost seems to serves like a punishment, or rather a blessing from below.

It was just supposed to be a normal day outside at the market but then they came across Romano’s Mafia. From then on Antonio has a fuzzy memory of what happened. The only thing he clearly remembers was Romano’s screaming voice, shouting at him, telling him to stop, that it was fine already. His voice was so disturbing it woke something inside the Spaniard, something he tried to seal away a very long time ago.

As much as possible he wanted his lover to have ‘breathing space’ in their complicated relationship. But what’s with this scenario? Why did he have to tie Romano up? Possessive obsession, Antonio wasn’t able to stop himself, anymore, he is overly possessive. He wanted Romano all for himself, all of him. He is too obsessed with the thought of him protecting Romano from any kind of danger and threats that it went over board.

Also, he just wanted to make sure that Romano is safe, with him, so that he can protect his lover and make sure no harm is done to him, to make sure the stubborn Italian won’t be able to leave him, again, that he won’t and can’t escape.

Moreover, somewhere or someone at the back of his mind tells him to calm down. That the Italian will surely understand his actions and what’s happening even if he doesn’t explain it to him.. He started to bite his nails while waiting as he starting to hear soft whispers.

“He will understand… he loves you. If he doesn’t then it means that he doesn’t” Antonio shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts.

“You did the right thing, you need to lock him away so he’ll stay safe… with you” Antonio is starting to think that this is the best way to protect Romano as the soft whispers he’s hearing continues on ‘encouraging’ him.

A small shift and a groan made the Spaniard jerk up and move away, a little, from Romano. “Are you awake…? Roma?” he muttered and looks at Romano, tilting his head sideways as he tries to gaze at the Italian’s face.

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